Torrefazione Paranà company is part of Giannelli Group, which includes twelve companies of wine-producing, food and beverage, catering, restaurants, cafeterias, Italian gourmet food shops, book shops and museum sites. Torrefazione Paranà was founded in Rome in 1960 by Mr. Ruggero Giannelli.

With a longstanding expertise in the art of roasting coffee, Torrefazione Paranà company is currently a dynamic and modern industry, with superior quality of products, definitely competitive prices and maximal offer differentiation to satisfy any needs of taste and market.

Torrefazione Paranà since 1960 with Italian tradition and handcrafted experience, supported of modern technology, roasted the coffee beans and create the supreme blends, rich in flavour full of body with a perfect balance and delicious unforgettable aftertaste for give to clients a coffee with an unmistakable flavour.

After 40 years of activity in the Italian market as coffee sellers and owner of many important cafeterias and supplying more than 500 clients, from 1997 Torrefazione Paranà started to export Paranà Caffè brand in the international market, Paranà Caffè is distributed in Europe, America, Australia and China.
Torrefazione Paranà in the year 2010 became a training point of I.N.E.I (Institute National Espresso Italiano) and has also been certified from I.N.E.I for the two coffee blends Espresso Italiano coffee beans and Extra Bar Premium coffee beans.

The best quality pure Arabica Organic coffee beans have been cultivated at over 1500 meters and exported to Caffè Paranà by a selection of small producers from Central and South America. Their care and skill using traditional methods has been certified Fairtrade and Organic Ensuring that Caffè Paranà has treated their growers fairly and rewarded them properly for their endeavors. Paranà Coffee is exclusively made with coffee beans from the selection of the best five quality of Washed Arabica from South and Central America and Africa (Santos, Costa Riga, Guatemala and Ethiopia) and the best quality of Robusta from India.

Each origin of coffee beans is roasted individually and then expertly blended, this process guarantees the perfect roasting time for each quality of coffee beans. The final result of this production process create the excellent Caffè Paranà blends, to obtain a coffee that always reflects in its body aroma and taste, the most classical Italian tradition of making Espresso Italiano.

Paranà Caffè be awarded from the International Coffee Tasting 2008 the competition organized by International Institute Tasting Coffee, sponsored by the Italian Chamber Commerce of Brescia, crowned Paranà Caffè for the quality and taste of its blend (Espresso Italiano coffee beans).

Twenty-six Italians and foreigners tasters, tasted 130 coffee provenance from all around the world Paranà Caffè receive the highest recognition for the production of Espresso Italiano coffee blend awarded in the category of Italian blend for Espresso Bar. Paranà Caffè with the coffee blend Espresso Italiano coffee in beans, has also been awarded with a gold medal from the I.I.A.C International Institute Coffee Taster in the competition of International Coffee Tasting Asia 2013 which was held in Japan.

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