Kommikeskus OÜ is an Estonian premium sweets brand distributor in the Baltics established in 2008. The company’s first activity was the manufacture and sale of advert sweets from which grew out quality brands wholesale all over the Baltics. Today the company’s main activity is the marketing and distribution of high quality confectionery in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. Besides quality chocolates, candies and cookies we also import tea and coffee, from 2014 Efferve gourmet lemonades and from 2018 Macario Retro drinks.

The company has signed distribution agreements with all the major retail chains.

Our strengths are accuracy, speed, and flexibility. Our major cooperation partners in Estonia are Kühne + Nagel AS, DSV Transport AS, Raben Eesti OÜ, Ferroline Grupp OÜ, OÜ OSC Transport, Eesti Post AS, Lakilog OÜ, Selver AS, Tallinna Kaubamaja AS, Stockmann AS, Prisma Peremarket AS, Maxima Eesti OÜ, Rimi Eesti Food AS, Coop Eesti Keskühistu, AS TALLINK DUTY FREE, Infotark AS, Hortes AS, OÜ Hansaplant Hulgi, OG Elektra AS, Sanitex Estonia OÜ, Keila TÜ, Järva TÜ, Tartu TK, Saaremaa TÜ and others. Cooperation partners in Lithuania are Maxima UAB and JSC “Mineraliniai vandenys”.

Factories which premium products we currently supply, are: Hanseatisches Chocoladen Kontor GmbH & Co. KG (brands Feodora & Hachez) Germany, Peters GmbH Germany, Aachener Printen- und Schokoladenfabrik Henry Lambertz GmbH & Co. KG Germany, Wawel S.A. Poland, maestrani Schweizer Schokoladen AG Switzerland, Torrefazione Paranà S.R.L. Italy, Eurobubblies Inc. (brand Efferve) France, Macario S.r.l Italy, Confiserie Heilemann GmbH Germany, Viba sweets GmbH Germany, Windel GmbH & Co. KG Germany, Klett Schokolade GmbH & Co. KG Germany, BOVETTI CHOCOLATS SAS France, Elysberg Confiserie BVBA (brand Emoti) Belgium, Paskà Srl Unipersonale (brand Intenso) Italy, Jake S.A. Spain, Chocolates Simon Coll S.A. Spain.
List is supplemented every year by a factory whose production is attractive and with high quality and catches our eye in food fairs arranged in Europe since we aim to development and growth.

In addition to work and business we find the time to do more. We support children and youth wrestling sport in Tartu County.