Hachez is proud of being one of the very few chocolate makers who still maintain the traditional ways of making prime chocolates starting with the roasting of the cocoa beans exclusively at their own facilities. HACHEZ stands for a tempting combination of traditional and modern values. In their eyes, mastering new challenges and preserving traditional values are of equal importance.

The chocolatier Joseph Emile Hachez was the company founder and ‘father’ of a rapidly growing family of select chocolate products. In 1890 Joseph Emile Hachez produced a sophisticated recipe for the production of fine chocolate articles. He selected cocoa varieties exclusively from the world’s best growing regions, and lovingly crafted the outstanding ingredients into exquisite specialities. Hachez still use this recipe for success today.

The Bremer HACHEZ Chocolade GmbH & Co. KG was established by Joseph Emile Hachez, a chocolatier of Belgian origin, on July 1, 1890. Since that day, fine HACHEZ chocolate articles have been created at the company’s Westerstrasse headquarters in the heart of Bremen. One autumn day in 1923, the company proprietor found inspiration in the leaves that wafted down as he strolled through the park. He immediately resolved to recreate the fascinatingly intricate form of these leaves in chocolate. Today, the Bremer HACHEZ Chocolade GmbH remains one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of premium chocolate products.

Only cocoa from 3% of the worldwide harvest meets Hachez quality standards. HACHEZ exclusively uses premium cocoa varieties – predominantly from South America – for its chocolate. Every batch of cocoa beans is checked very meticulously for its characteristics. Only when the flavor, aroma, moisture content, structure and external quality are right, does HACHEZ use the cocoa beans to produce its chocolate. It takes over 100 hours to fashion them into the finished product. HACHEZ is one of the few companies that still have control over each stage of production.

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