Eurobubblies Inc., founded in 1992, based in Ashland, Massachusetts, in West Boston, conducts its business activity all over the US and in Canada.  Eurobubblies is constantly expanding to facilitate the demand for the large range of Western European specialty gourmet products the company  imports. European factory S.E.M. DES SOURCES DE SOULTZMATT located in rich and beautiful region of Alsace, France.

Efferve’s are all-natural sparkling lemonades utilizes fresh mineral water from the springs located in the “Vosges” Foothills. Since the Soutzmatt Springs was located and noted by Franciscan Monks for its high-quality pure water in 1272, the pure spring water of the region has been celebrated by the Romans for its curing effects. Today this water still known for its distinctive and uniquely fresh taste.

Made with secret all-natural recipes the syrup includes a mixture of lemon natural juices and flavours, sugar and citric acid. All products are GMO-free, gluten-free and allergen-free. The combination of the syrup and the all-natural spring water provides a subtle refreshing taste of the lemon base to the lightness and fizz of the sparkling spring water. Enjoy Efferve signature embossed glaas bottle with the famous traditional swing top. The Efferve line of all-natural lemonade is “A pleasure for the eyes and a feast for the mouth”.

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