Bovetti: Valter Bovetti (was born in Italy, moved to France on 1986.a.) started to manufacture chocolate nails and tools in his garage on 1994. The new plant located in the very touristic and famous gastronomic area of Perigord opens on 2004 – production workshop, chocolate museum and shop on the same place. Creation of Cocoa pasta awarded Sial Paris “Innovation 2004”.

Bovetti exports it’s range in all Europe and in the USA for the year 2005. Release of the new range of “Aperitif chocolates” awarded “Innovation Sial 2006”. 2010 – Bovetti exports to 37 countries. The organic range (made with a single origin chocolate from Santo Domingo) is also certified Fairtrade by Flocert for the year 2012.

Bovetti’s chocolate is a blend of beans from three sources: Ecuador, Ghana and Papua. All chocolates are made using pure cocoa butter and without the addition of vegetable fat (these fats are much cheaper than cocoa butter but do not contain the health benefits). Since 2008 they banned using soybean lecithin in their production.

Valter Bovetti always selects the highest quality for its ingredients: walnuts from Perigord, Italian hazelnuts (Roman or Piedmont), sea salt from Guerande, sweet chili from Piment d’Espelette… The dyes used are mostly natural and non-azoic. Bovetti’s range includes chocolate bars in different size, coated chocolates (nuts, almonds, candied orange, lemon… coated with chocolate), Aperitif chocolates (spices coated with chocolate) were created to accompany a glas of wine, a glass of champagne as an aperitif or used in cooking: on a meat or fish just before serving, in a salad, on ice cream or sorbet at the end of meals.

Bovetti’s range also includes VERITABLE® chocolate spreads, Bimbi® moldings and Bovetti pasta® (7 varieties) because when Valter Bovetti was a child he was helping his father to make pasta in their restaurant in Piedmont.
Bovetti answers the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) standard.

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